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We seek to promote a healthy working environment and life quality for our employees and their families, which contributes to the consolidation of an organizational culture driven by values such as honesty, reliability and knowledge.

At our organization, we are inspired and committed to achieving our highest purpose — making digital relationships between people and their financial world more humane.

We express our values in a consistent and coherent manner. They guide us in our decision making and business model management.

We embrace our principles and values in our day-to-day activities and in our conversations.

We have a simple, agile, timely way of working, focused on results and working as a team, understanding clients’ needs, with cross processes by which we pursue global optimal results over individual optimal results.

Our relationship with our different stakeholders is based on respect, ethics, commitment and value creation.

We embrace our organizational culture through expressing our principles of transparency, respect, ethics and diversity as well as our values of simplicity, customer centricity, innovation and reliability to be a world-class excellence company.

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