iuviProfiler – Anti-Fraud Protection

Protection against fraud as a digital adoption accelerator

iuviProfiler, our protection-against-fraud solution, has a multi-channel approach, effectively enabling to mitigate fraud risk in the channels used by clients. Operated from our TODO1 private cloud, it offers a high configurability level, fast integration and optimal performance without affecting the bank’s operating load.

It has a user-oriented design and it is focused not only on preventing fraud from a risk perspective, but also on balancing friction in real time to achieve a better user experience.

Effectiveness and Efficiency

Effective, cost-efficient, timely risk mitigation.


Continuous evolution in security issues and fraud methods.

Operation Excellence

Mission-critical service operation with world-class service levels.

Multi-channel Approach

Behavior monitoring of account/user management between channels.


Total visibility of client activity and fraud issues.

Simple Integration

Accelerated integration through APIs and flexibility for integration with various advanced authentication capabilities.

Brand protection and crimeware

Protection solution against online threats such as phishing, pharming, malware, brand abuse, malicious APPs and 419 scam that attack financial institutions and their users.

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